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Rodents Fish Fids Dog Story

Scooby Doo

This is Scooby Doo our little mighty dog. He is the most recent to join our family, having only arrived March 7, 2002. He was an unfortunate guy that was given as a gift to a family member only to have that family member decide they didn't want him. He's a 4 month old mini dachshund with the sweetest temperament. Training Scooby is going to be a heck of a challenge since he can be a bit pigheaded, but we have faith that with enough Scooby snacks he will get there.

Frog Love

Scooby is one hyper little pup, and is already terribly spoiled. He is also the first dog that I ever had that got extremely friendly with his stuffed squeaky frog. I guess you could say Scooby and his frog are best of friends in all ways. When he's not playing with Mr. frog he's romping through the house with my two daughters. I think he gets a kick out of playing with the youngest one the most, cause he likes to bark at her knowing that it frightens her and sends her running for the nearest chair.


This little guys isn't by any means shy or scared of anyone. From the moment he was carried in the house he took over my favorite place, the sofa. But that's ok with me since I'm more than happy to share; too bad he's not. He also has this thing for the guinea pig and is always barking for her to come out and play. Some times he just stands in front of her cage whining, and wagging his little tail trying to get in with her. Makes me wonder though if he really wants to play with her or if he is just trying to get her squeaky toy.