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Rodents Fish Fids Dog Story


Hershey is our black moor and one of close to 80 fish that we currently have. For a long time we kept goldfish and grew them to certain sizes for friends that had ponds, but as of a few years ago we decided to finally keep a couple just for us. There were times that we would have close to 10 goldfish at any given time, but since goldfish have such wonderful personalities it was hard to let them go when the time came. Although Hershey hid a lot when we first got her, she was the first to allow us to pick her out of the water with our hands, and the main one that likes to get in the way when it comes time to clean the tank. Even trying to gently push her out of the way doesn't always work.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Who's the fairest fish of all, why Jack is the fairest one of all. The long version of Jack's name is Jackhammer, and this guy is litterally a trip. For a long time we couldn't figure out a name for him until one day while he was cramming his face down into the gravel looking for any leftover food it hit me. His actions were just like the jackhammer's that construction workers use, so since then the name stuck. After Jack got his name we switched from the gravel bottom to a sand bottom, and now he spends his time cramming his face down into the sand. He then comes back up with a mouthful and spews it all over poor Hershey.


Ricky our betta is all talk and no action. This latin guy loves the ladies, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty he would rather sing to them than get down to business. I've been trying now for months to get him and Lucy to spawn, but so far all I get are torn fins and busted bubbles. I've even talked with him on several occassions and told him that his bubble nests aren't large enough for Lucy, and that she preferred size over quality, but so far he has been too lazy to give her what she wants. I wonder if I take away his microphone for awhile if he wouldn't straighten up.


Lucy is wife to Ricky in name only. It's like the old TV shows where the married couple sleeps in seperate beds, makes you wonder how they ever had kids. Even when they do sleep in the same bed, Lucy keeps a 10 foot pole lodged in between her and Ricky. She must be worried that after the mating dance that Ricky will sacrifice her to the gods.


This guy is one lazy fish, and a major couch potato. About a week or so ago I went in the bedroom only to find him watching the television. Hmmm a fish that watches TV, before you know it he will have a beer in one fin and chips and remote in the other. It's too bad he doesn't have a sofa in his tank to lounge on, but then he would look too much like my husband, and one is enough.